The next level

True agility makes the difference in the digital age: Agile teams and companies can achieve 4 times higher productivity! Improve quality and reliability by over 50%! Increase innovation success by a factor of 10! And much more. We have the solution to help you take your performance to the next level too: The BUILD YOUR AGILITY training series.

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Next Step

You already work in agile teams and roles?

You have introduced Scrum or other agile methods? You are using the tools and formats, but big performance leaps have failed to materialize so far? Some things may even have become more complicated and time-consuming?

You want your employees to systematically learn how they can make the contribution that enables the agile breakthrough for YOUR business?


Are you in the middle of an agile transformation?

You have implemented an agile framework? But you see that the agile work of the teams does not fit properly with your business processes? Are you struggling to create the conditions needed for agile to take hold in your business?

Do you want to lay the foundation in your teams so that the transformation translates into measurable success in YOUR business?

Starting Point

Do you want to become agile to move your business forward?

You know that the solutions for full-time software teams cannot be transferred 1:1 to your business? You want to use proven solutions, but not an off-the-shelf solution that doesn’t fit your business reality?

You want the positive effects of agile working, thinking and organizing to kick in from day one?

The Big Difference

In our BUILD trainings you learn how to use the tools of Scrum, XP or DevOps to bring YOUR business to the next level. With a systematic approach, tools and practical tips that start where other trainings stop. That is, where it is decided whether you have mastered a methodology or know how to use it to lead teams and companies – agile – to success.

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Agility does not thrive on following a method correctly. The key is to focus on what makes the difference in your own business. Because this is easier said than done, we have developed BUILD: a system that enables everyone to identify the business levers and agile solutions that really matter for their function or role in simple steps. And use these solutions in such a way that they lead to measurable success.


Agile methods and toolkits like Scrum, XP or DevOps are great starting points. No less, but also no more. If you want to exploit the full potential of agile working, you need access to the full spectrum of agile solutions. With BUILD, we make exactly that possible: in addition to the classics from Scrum & Co., we give everyone the tools that are crucial for the next level. Including our own developments from over 10 years of agile transformation practice.


Our training model is as individual as the requirements for agile teams and roles. The learning takes place in your company. This automatically brings the question of what is important for impact in your own business to the center. In addition, we initiate exactly the peer-to-peer exchange that is necessary for lasting further development. Because we make all content available as supplementary self-learning modules, the result is deep, lasting and scalable learning.

Lasersharp Focus

In agile, it’s all about the individual. That he or she makes the contribution that is critical to success. And thus fulfills his or her role.

That’s why our trainings consistently focus on agile roles. We systematically show how to contribute to performance at a new level. And specifically in your own business and company.

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What everyone learns in all trainings


  • How does agile working and organizing ensure business impact? And: how not, so what must not happen?
  • How can I contribute from my role to the business impact?
  • How do I systematically work out where the business levers lie in my actions?
  • How do I find the agile solutions that are critical to our business? What do I need to pay attention to?
  • How do I adapt agile solutions to my or our business reality in such a way that they become more effective?
  • .

  • How do I ensure that I am continuously evolving?

Product Owner

The diverse tasks of product owners are essential for the business impact of agile working. That is why product owner training is one of the most important fundamentals. Our trainings provide even experienced Product Owners with new perspectives and solutions focused on one question: how to succeed in helping to measurably improve the results, quality, traction and productivity of agile teams.

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Agile Coach / Master

The role of the coach or master is critical to success because it starts at the point where agile teams work together. That is, where it is decided whether and to what extent agile working leads to more productivity, effectiveness, traction and systematic improvement. How to move from facilitator to supporter on the way to more business impact as a Scrum Master or agile coach is the focus of our trainings for Agile Coaches, Process Keepers and Scrum Masters.

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Agile Team / Developer

At the heart of agile working is the team, which develops solutions in a self-organized manner. It is therefore astonishing how few training and further education offers there are for agile team members. We close this gap. In our trainings, members of agile teams learn what their contribution to the performance boost of agile working is – beyond their content-related task. And which tools make it easy for them to make this contribution in practice.

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Agile Leadership

Precisely because the role of leadership in agile methods such as Scrum is only marginally addressed, it is elementary for the business success of agile teams and companies to systematically train the other leadership. Our trainings open up a new perspective for leaders because they are developed from the agile team workflow and formats. And they focus on the question of how agile leadership can become the driver of real performance leaps.

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Agile Change Agents

Agile transformation is a challenging task in every sense of the word. Agile transformation teams or change agents have a very special role in this: they support teams and individuals in becoming agile. In our Train the Trainer offering for Agile Change Agents, we teach how to do this in such a way that tangible improvements are achieved from day one. In these trainings, we provide participants with the essence of our own transformation experiences.

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The Learning Journey

Agile working turns many things upside down, sometimes almost everything. That’s why participants go through the full spectrum in our learning journeys. In six stages, the focus is on concrete solutions for their own business in each role. Between each stage there is a check-in for questions and answers about the practice.

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How can agility increase business performance (6 levers)?

How can and must I contribute as a product owner?

Where are the business levers in my team or company?


As a product owner, how do I increase the value of our results (for customers and our business)?

How do I provide more creative and innovative solutions?

Where are my levers and solutions for better results in our business or team?


As a product owner, how do I ensure that we achieve what is expected of us more reliably?

How do I contribute to more precision and performance of our results

Where are my levers and solutions for higher quality in our business or team?


As a product owner, how do I ensure that we have a stronger focus on the essentials?

How do I contribute to higher motivation and quality of individual contributions?

Where are my levers and solutions for more traction in our business or team?


How do I contribute to higher productivity of the team as a product owner?

What contribution can I make to more effective collaboration?

Where are my levers and solutions for higher productivity in our business or team?


What do I change myself in order to contribute more to success?

What do I want to achieve in the next step and how? What do I pay attention to?

How do I develop myself in the next step and then continuously in my role?

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The Facts

Our agility trainings are also a breakthrough for your return on learning (and the investment made for it). How do we achieve this for you? We have summarized it here at a glance.

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  • Product Owner
  • Agile coaches (scrum masters)
  • Members of agile teams
  • Leaders of agile teams
  • Agile change agents / transformation teams
  • Each training offering is available specifically for …
    • Newcomers (0-1 year of practical experience)
    • Experienced practitioners (1-3 years of practical experience)
    • Long-term experts (more than 3 years of experience)
    • .


  • Next Level Trainings: 2 times 1 day (virtual: 4 half days)
  • Deep Dive Trainings: 1 day (virtual: 2 half days)
  • Learning Journey: 6 days (virtual: 12 half days plus 5 check-ins à 45′)


  • At your remises
  • As a virtual event


  • We also offer all trainings as self trainings with practical exercises for your own Sharepoint.
  • From a minimum booking of 20 training days per year, the Self-Trainings are included in the price!


  • All trainings can be individualized and supplemented with practical deepenings
  • .

  • We will be happy to show you the exact training process and examples of content and tools in a personal meeting
  • .


  • Next Level Trainings: 3.000 €*
  • Deep Dive Trainings: 1.500 €
  • Complete Learning Journey: 8,000 €**
  • Daily rate: 1,500 €***
  • * = 300 € / participant with 10 participants
    ** = 800 € / participant with 10 participants
    *** for additional training or design days

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The Feedbacks

Our trainings are different. And better! It goes without saying that we say that. That’s why we let our customers speak for us here.

A few examples »

Working with the b4b team is practical, inspiring and, above all, value-adding.

In the Build Agility Training, we learned important tools for our everyday life and, above all, how to apply them – experiencing the transformation successes in practice is motivating and, above all, fun. We were allowed to experience this in presence and digitally – the results were always very good.

Annika Berchtold. Head of Transformation. HDI GroupAnnika Berchtold. Head of Transformation. HDI Group

When we started b4b, we all had already been trained as Scrum Masters and also had practical experience. The BUILD trainings were an eye-opener and turning point for us: away from pure methodology and towards a focus on business!

Jumana Klotsch. Head of Cultural Transformation. EOS

With the help of the b4b trainings, we have found an immediate access to how we can further develop the work in our company in such a way that teams achieve more together, take responsibility for the implementation of our company goals and enthusiastically want to move our business forward – and that from the very first moment. The trainings bundle the comprehensive experience of b4b in an equally well-founded and flexible approach to accompany transformation processes, which combines the systematic use of everyday experiences, the implementation of new methods and the questioning and further development of one’s own mindset in a very unique way. For all accompanied teams, […] the trainings have created a completely new view and access to tackle challenges directly and solve them sustainably […].

Dr. Daniel Putz. Manager HR Talent and Development, beeline Group.

With b4b’s build approach, we succeeded in finding our own way into agility. We would not have succeeded without the intensive collaboration with b4b’s team: they inspired us conceptually again and again and had a solution in every situation that helped us move forward.

Dr. Thomas Braune. CEO. NewRe